Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pub bans male bum cracks

A SURF club has banned male patrons from wearing low-riding jeans in a "zero tolerance" attack on exposed underwear and bum cracks.
Coolum Beach Surf Lifesaving Club in Queensland has drawn a line in the sand after members complained they were tired of seeing "too much'' of male patrons.
The club adopted a zero tolerance approach to low-slung jeans and shorts and has threatened disobedient patrons with eviction.
Those who break the rules could have their membership revoked and find themselves banned from all 59 Queensland surf clubs and a total of 305 clubs Australia-wide.
A sign at reception now reads: "The management of the Coolum Beach Surf Life Saving Club and Supporters Association have a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE to the practice of gentlemen not wearing trousers and shorts at an acceptable level around the waistline.
"Any person flouting this requirement will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will have their membership of the club reviewed by the Management Committee.''
The sign is a revised version of an earlier declaration that threatened patrons with legal action under the Wilful Exposure section of the Legislation Summary Offences Act 2005.
A police spokeswoman said anyone who revealed their genitals in public could face wilful exposure charges and a maximum $3000 fine or one year's jail.
The spokeswoman said exposed buttocks could lead to public nuisance charges and a $750 fine or six months' jail.
It was believed the club erected the sign to stop young males wearing very low jeans that exposed both buttocks and skin near the genital region.
The trend follows the fad that saw young males wearing boxers above the waistline of jeans and shorts.
But a spokeswoman for clothing outlet Dotti said male teenagers had taken things one step further.
The spokeswoman said youths were buying female jeans in stretch fabrics that could be pulled down to reveal buttocks, hip bones, ``snail trails and more''.
"They're pushing the boundaries and have started buying chicks' stretch jeans that can be worn really, really low,'' she said.
"The bum crack is just a thing of the past. Now it's all about wearing their jeans a good 7cm below the belly button and you see a lot more than their coin slot.''
A Coolum Surf Life Saving Club spokesman refused to comment. However, Coolum locals and surf club regulars Luke McLaren, 19, and Shannon Mahony, 18, said they would no longer attend the club.
Mr McLaren said he chose to wear low-riding jeans for "style and comfort''.
"Wearing your jeans low makes skating easier and is generally a more comfortable and better look,'' Mr McLaren said. "I was shocked when they told me my jeans were too low.''
When Mr McLaren, a surf instructor, queried the zero tolerance policy last week, he was denied access to Coolum surf club. He said he was told his jeans were inappropriate.
"I asked the man at reception if the rule applied to my jeans and he said, `Yes your jeans are far too low,''' Mr McLaren said.
"You don't see them banning the girls for wearing hipsters and showing their undies so what right do they have to threaten us?'' he said.
Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said the rule was discriminatory
He said the club was being "harsh'' and should simply deny access to patrons who failed to meet dress standards.
"Obviously, the club has the right to install a dress standard,'' Mr Cope said.
"But to throw people out and revoke their membership is a bit of overkill.''

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sigh, The Olympics Are Coming...

GRANT HACKETT joked yesterday that an unflattering photo of him showing a pot belly was an attempt to get an invitation on The Biggest Loser reality TV show.
Hackett, who returned from Spain yesterday after an unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the 10-kilometre event at the Beijing Olympics, was back in the pool declaring he was not overweight and had rarely been in better shape. "Do I look like I'm really that overweight? I don't really think I am," Hackett said.

Within three hours of leaving Melbourne Airport yesterday, the dual 1500 metres freestyle Olympic champion was stripped to a pair of Speedos and showing off a trim and fit-looking physique at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre."I feel like I'm on a catwalk," said Hackett, who turns 28 tomorrow. "It's a little bit different. Normally, I have to prove myself in the water … but anyway, as I said, this is the lightest I've been in a long time … I don't get any more cut or thinner than this."

Saturday, May 3, 2008